Posted by: newwestrealty | November 19, 2009

6 Great Photos of Winter in Chicago

With another winter season quickly approaching, Chicagoans will no doubt be gritting their teeth as they walk through the city, wondering why exactly they tolerate such weather. In general, it’s safe to say winter gets a bad rap in the Midwest. With cringe-inducing terms such as “below freezing” and “wind chill,” it’s easy to forget winter is a beautiful time of year. With that in mind, here are some photos of Chicago as it’s blanketed with snow and ice. You might say it’s a reminder that even amid the coldest weather of the year, it’s still a great place to be.

All images were obtained from talented Flickr artists. Credit is given to the respective artist below each image.

North Side view. Image by @kern.justin

Photo by @kern.justin

Photo by @discopalace

Photo by @mreioval

Photo by @suephi

Photo by @cesposito2035

Photo by @pantagrapher

Thanks to these wonderful photographers for their shots that capture the essence of Chicago. If you’re looking to live in the heart of the Windy City so you can experience similar breathtaking views simply by waking up in the morning, 1555 Wabash has condominiums in the South Loop that are perfect for you! Click here for more info and to request an appointment for a showing!


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